Guide to Shipping Electric Scooters

A Guide to Shipping Electric Scooters

So you have decided to invest in an electric scooter. There might be many reasons for you to make such a decision. Rising gas prices, space issues, climate consciousness, or simply more affordability make electric scooters the best option. You might want to limit your use of public transportation or need a comfortable ride that can take you anywhere you need to over short distances. You might be hesitant to buy the kids a vehicle. An electric scooter solves all of these problems in one go. Electric scooters are two-wheel drive transportation units that are powered by a battery. They are a low-weight, more eco-friendly option than gasoline vehicles. Electric scooters are designed with both kids and adults in mind, and there are loads of options at the Los Angeles Scooter Pros site that can help you select the best electric scooters for yourself and your kids.

Selecting the best electric scooters for shipping in the US

The next step is to find the best electric scooters that can accommodate your needs. There are several good e-scooters in the market for adults. If you need something hardy that can conquer all terrains, then the Urban Drift Off Road model electric scooter would be a good choice. Sold by Los Angeles Scooter Pros, these electric scooters come with an extended battery life and 10 inch pneumatic all terrain tires, which ensure a comfortable ride. These electric scooters come equipped with front and back hydraulic disc brakes and a rear-wheel drive. They have a max speed range of 37 miles per hour. A single charge can make cover upwards of 25 miles. An overall smooth sailor, this electric scooter is slated for ages 20 – 60 years.

For adults looking for an electric scooter for long range riding, the Los Angeles Scooter Pros A3 models are the best electric scooters in this range. These electric scooters provide a comfortable ride owing to their 10 inch pneumatic air filled tires. A mid-speed range of 15 mph and a max speed of 18 mph, 350 watt motor power and front suspension all come together to provide a smooth riding experience. Need another option for an electric scooter that fits neatly under your work desk? Look no further than the LA Scooter Pros X4 Commuter Scooter for Adults. Its weight of 240 lbs. means that you can easily store it at work. Specifications for this particular scooter model include a max speed of 18.8 mph, 350 watt motor power, front suspension, and a dual set of both electric and disc brakes. The price range for these electric scooters is quite reasonable too, given how much you can save on time and fuel costs.

Kids can take their pick from a range of electric scooter models like the Los Angeles Scooter Pros A11 model, a neat electric scooter that comes with a max speed of 15 mph, disc brakes, a standard 350 watt motor power, and a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs. A sturdy front suspension ensures a safe and comfortable ride for kids. A single charge can carry it upwards of 15 miles.

Kids can also select the Moped electric scooter models. This scooter can be very handy for older adults too, seeing as it has a seat, which minimizes safety concerns. The Moped electric scooters feature a max speed range of about 18 mph and a mid-speed range of 15 mph. and can cover distances of about 20 miles on a single charge. Adults with disabilities can also benefit from acquiring this model. They can save on fuel prices and increase their mobility.

Docshipper Alert :Some e-scooters will require a special UN approved box that can only be purchased from special Dangerous Goods packers. However, some e-scooters will only require “strong, rigid outer packaging”.

Shipping electric scooters

Ordering electric scooters online come with a few questions. How will the e-scooter be packaged? How long will it take for it to arrive? Is there a weight limit on electric scooters for shipping companies? Will the electric scooters sustain any damage? What are the possible hazards of shipping a lithium battery? All these questions are addressed in this guide.Shipping electric scooters

Many companies offer safe shipping for electric scooters. However, the main point of concern is the lithium battery that powers them. If you are worried about any possible damage to your new e-scooter during transit, then you need to know that companies that sell e-scooters often have their own packaging. They employ people who have experience packaging electric scooters to minimize any knocks. It is better to discuss these concerns with your seller so that you get a clear and accurate picture of what to expect when your electric scooter is on its way. You should also discuss what possible range in price would you have to pay for shipping. However, LA Scooter Pros have you covered on that front. They offer free shipping on their electric scooters, with a two-day delivery promise within California and Orange County. You may not have to wait long to be the owner of the best electric scooter that suits you.

Electric scooters do not come assembled

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Most certainly, you can expect your electric scooter to come unassembled. Most electric scooter companies offer free instructional videos on YouTube and provide instructional manuals on how to assemble your e-scooter. Electric scooters can be assembled easily. You might also be given free tools to aid in their assembly. It should be kept in mind that due to their size and weight, it is not possible to ship an e-scooter assembled. The packaging for electric scooters needs to be as compact as possible. Separate packaging of component parts ensures protection from damage. If the battery is heavy, then your e-scooter would be shipped separately from the battery.

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Freight charges for electric scooters

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It is pertinent to ascertain the weight of the electric scooter before proceeding with shipping. Based on where you are ordering from, if the weight of the electric scooter tops the freight limit of a particular shipping service, chances are that the seller would cover a percentage of the shipping costs. The rest might have to be paid by you. If you are hesitant about ordering an electric scooter and the shipping costs incurred, we have news for you. Los Angeles Scooters Pro has free shipping in California and Orange County for all days of the week, including weekends.

Shipping e scooter with lithium batteries

Electric scooters require rechargeable lithium batteries for their running. A lithium battery has a long battery life and electric scooters almost exclusively rely on them. But there is a catch; a lithium battery is also considered a potentially flammable material and needs extra care during handling. Not only that, a lithium battery needs extensive paperwork to account for any potential accidents prior to shipping. For example, the weight of a standard Okinawa lithium battery is around 18 kg. You do not need to worry about replacements though. On average, an electric scooter's battery life is around one to three years. Los Angeles Scooters Pro provides the battery along with their electric scooters. You only need to worry about ordering a new one when the battery life runs out. You can always ask for a replacement battery from LA scooter Pros. They will send you a replacement battery right away.

Shipping e scooter with lithium batteries

Which courier services handle lithium batteries

If your scooter has run the course of its battery life, there is nothing to worry about. USPS and FedEx both handle the shipping of lithium batteries. There is extensive paperwork involved, owing to the potentially volatile nature of the battery. For a standard lithium battery, FedEx and USPS might charge more if the battery is heavier than 5 kg. It may require a hazardous material certification, and needs proper handling and packing. A battery above 5kg is required to be shipped separately from the electric scooters. All electric scooter batteries are transported separately, because of their weight.

How to take care of your electric scooters

This portion deals briefly with the basic guidelines on how to take care of your electric scooter. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you and your family have the best electric scooters to suit your requirements. It is important to remember that an electric scooter needs to be used as specified. You cannot use an A11 model electric scooter as an all-terrain scooter. You need to use an electric scooter that has two-wheel drive and has significant suspension, which is why the A3 electric scooter model would be a better choice. It has the wheel drive and wheel suspension required for an all terrain scooter. Getting an electric scooter for a lower price and then not using it as specified will cost you the money you save on repairs.

Electric gadgets need to be charged on time to maximize their battery life. You cannot leave an electric scooter exposed to the elements. To increase the life of your scooter, you need to store it away from water and sunlight, so that none of its electric mechanisms are harmed. An electric scooter if kept well can last a person more than 5 years. That is, if you chose among the best electric scooters available to you, based on your needs.

It is important to take the weight specifications of an electric scooter into consideration. While small and compact, electric scooters are still not sturdy like a car. This is why an e-scooter can only carry the weight specified. Anything above that weight might cause the electric scooter to break down. Once again, it is important to choose the best electric scooters which can uniquely address your requirements. Specifications like suspension, electric charge capacity, range, motors, top speed, weight, wheel drive all need to be taken into consideration An electric scooter has the capacity to become a long time ride companion if you choose from the best electric scooters available.

What to do if your scooter gets damaged

In event of damage to your scooter, LA Scooter Pros provide repairs and replacement parts. You might need to ascertain what damaged your scooter in the first place. Did you put extra weight on the scooter? Was the scooter submerged in water? Did you overcharge the scooter? Scooters need care just like any other vehicle. It is important that the scooters be well-kept in order to prolong their life.

You can contact the LA Scooter Pros customer service, where they can direct you regarding repairs based on the model of your scooter. If your scooter has a rear-wheel drive and that is exhibiting a breakdown, you might be required to send in the scooter for repairs. LA Scooter Pros have one of the best electric scooter repairs.


Docshipper Tip : Shipping an electric scooter is not like shipping any other commodity. These devices often contain huge lithium batteries that weigh up to 3 or 4 kilograms and present a significant risk for shipping

How to return your electric scooter?

In case of damage during shipping, you can easily return your electric scooter to our warehouse. LA Scooter Pros have a customer friendly policy regarding returns. There is a 30 day “No Questions Asked” Return and Refund policy. You can return your scooter within 30 days, provided that it is unused and in its original packaging. The scooter will be examined within the next 48 hours and a refund will be issued the same day. However, the refund might take a few days to reach, as the speed of the transaction depends upon the bank you use.

It should be kept in mind that all price of shipping based on weight and other factors will all be incurred by you. LA Scooter Pros do not cover return shipping costs. You might not be able to save money here. All LA Scooter Pros e-scooters come with a 90-day warranty. Any manufacturing defect that arises within this time period will make the company eligible to send you a replacement.


Los Angeles Scooter Pros - are dedicated to providing their customers with amazing electric scooters at an affordable price. Moreover, DocShipper allows you to pack and ship your e-scooter during the buying process.

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