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DocShipper Group is initially an international freight forwarder company headquartered in Hong Kong. Our group covers more than forty countries worldwide and is in a continuous state of growth. DocShipper is not a traditional logistics company, not even close. In fact, we are pretty much the opposite. Our team is flipping a gazillion dollar industry on its head. DocShipper was founded with a clear goal and mission that is to "redefine international trade for SME & individuals". We decided to "shake up" the traditional logistics industry and establish "new standards” based on technology, in addition to a devoted customer service. Purchase, quality control, compliance, international freight, customs clearance, distribution... Well, you just find the perfect partner!

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We develop close relationships with our customers to find, develop, and produce the product they are looking for. We will check through our suppliers network based in Asia (mainly in China) according to your requirements: budget, product specification, delay, compliance, and standards... Our services are fully transparent so there is no hidden fee when you use DocShipper sourcing to buy in Asia! Indeed, we are looking to build long term partnerships with our customers and our supplier's network; it is the only way to succeed in this region! Trust is very important in this industry so that's why we place it in the heart of our process. Focus on sales, marketing, and customer loyalty! We take care of your supply and international transport.


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DocShipper also integrate since 2019 a 3PL department in his scope of work. This department is dedicated to E-Commerce and B2C delivery. You just need to ship your goods to our distribution center based in Camporosso (north of Italia). Located in the heart of Europe, we propose to handle all your logistics needs: inventory management, order fulfillment, and last-mile delivery. Basically, it is a flexible alternative on what you can get with Amazon FBA: we don't have any hidden fees, we are more flexible and we offer parcel customization to develop your branding.

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