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Top 10 B2B Websites for Importers and Exporters

With e-commerce continuing to grow, the need for a B2B website is more important than ever. According to stats, in US alone, the growth of b2b ecommerce revenue is expected to go almost up to $1.2 trillion by the end of 2021. 

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Source: Statista

These websites offer a number of advantages over other forms of advertising and marketing. Their primary function is to help potential customers find your product or service, helping you in taking your b2b businesses to the next level.

Today, it is easier than ever to connect with overseas suppliers and buyers. Whether you're an importer of goods or an exporter of goods, the internet has made it possible to find new trading partners in just a few minutes. However, not all websites created can offer you with equal trading opportunities for this purpose. To help you get started, here are ten of the top B2B websites that can help you find new customers and suppliers.


eWorldTrade is the world's largest sourcing and procurement marketplace. You can search the site for the most valuable products at the lowest price. The site offers an online marketplace for buyers who want to acquire goods and services directly from the Chinese companies. Their strategy is to find new customers and suppliers in over 90 countries. They provide marketplaces for users to display, buy, sell, or donate products to their buyers. 

It also helps the importers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to reach out to overseas buyers. To make things easier for its users, eWorldTrade also offer its sellers with a list of buyers, which can help in growing their b2b businesses and sales in the most efficient and effective manner. This B2B website is amazing for importers and exporters because you can easily list products and find suppliers from all over the world as well.

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Amazon presents one of the best ways to market products to overseas buyers. With different products categories such as technology, beauty, home products, personal care and fashion, it provides a wealth of marketing opportunities. Besides, the ecommerce giant also offers payment methods that make it easy for you to accept the offer.

Another great thing about this website is that it helps buyers find companies. Using the "Buyer's Guide" option, a buyer can find their desired brand or seller by searching for the brand name, location, product and other details. It's an excellent way to grow your b2b sales.

Ecommerce has helped you connect with buyers all over the world, and you now have an opportunity to connect with a huge number of overseas suppliers and buyers.



Alibaba is one of the most renowned b2b marketplaces in the world, helping business organizations across the globe to connect with each other in the easiest manner.

If you're an international business seeking to connect with the most reliable and productive suppliers in China, then Alibaba is your best bet. With a diverse amount of manufacturing and business professionals on the platform, Alibaba makes it easy for you to find the right match for your needs.

It's the world's largest online wholesale marketplace. Over 500 million products are available for trade, including clothing, shoes, jewelry, cars, pets, electronics and everything in between.

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eBay is one of the leading b2b online marketplaces in the world, and they have invested millions to ensure that their site is user-friendly. With their very strategic online portal, eBay has become a major player in this growing industry.

With their well-planned and designed online portal, eBay is the leading player in the online b2b marketplace. They invested millions into their site to ensure it's not only easy to use and well-designed but also simple for small businesses. 

Global Sources

Global Sources is a global b2b website that offers unmated services to all its users across the world. This b2b website is known for offering a wide range of high-quality products and recognized globally as one of the most user-friendly b2b platforms across the planet. It is one of the most trusted b2b partners to small and medium-sized enterprises and other b2b users around the world.

Global Sources is one of the leading B2B ecommerce sites, with over 550 different categories and 29000+ SKUs to browse. As a global B2B online sourcing and trading platform, Global Sources has close to 30 years of experience, and connections with most of the world's key trading partners.

With over 1,000 different categories and 180,000+ SKUs, Global Sources' range covers almost all product categories imaginable. With sales in over 240 countries and territories and serving 4 sectors – Electronic Goods, Automobiles, Apparel and Textile, Chemicals and Chemicals, Machinery and Equipment – the platform can meet almost all your B2B needs.


Among the list of B2B websites, a few can be found on AliExpress. This online portal offers all kinds of products from more than 180 countries worldwide. In the last 3 years, the online platform has grown to become the world's fastest growing B2B e-commerce portal, offering millions of products that are functional, stylish, and affordable at unbelievable prices. This B2B e-commerce website offers many products that are both high-quality and offer good value. 

Even though AliExpress was not intended as a b2b website, when it was first founded however, as time passed, many small and medium sized businesses started sourcing products from AliExpress because of its amazing prices and the liberty buyers get, which allows them to buy in small quantities. 


ECVV was founded in the year 2006 and now it is considered as one of the biggest names in the b2b industry of the world. Its strong and powerful presence in the global b2b industry is due to amazing platform, which allows and helps international trading organizations to connect with each other through the use of this platform, in the most amazing manner.

With millions of members and even more products to choose from, ECVV is the perfect virtual marketplace for your trading organization, especially if you are looking to get in touch with and source products from China. They are mostly popular for offering a wide range of industrial products to its millions of members across the globe, at the most affordable prices. 


EC21, one of the top b2b ecommerce websites is one of the best b2b ecommerce websites in the country. What makes it a good choice for any business is its unbiased focus on the goods and services that it offers. EC21 has a massive collection of products ranging from passenger vehicles to rugged outdoor supplies that suit the needs of business-to-business transactions. Besides, it is also equipped with features that allow an ease of search and filter system on products. The feature called Buyer Central displays various product options based on the buyer's requirements and demands. Thus, one can easily find the products that he/she wants to purchase.

EC logo



With a global network and high brand recognition, EC Plaza is an export marketing company that provides services to more than a million members. They operate not only B2B websites but also offline trade-related services for small and medium enterprises as well. 

ECplaza was founded back in 1996 with the aim to make b2b trading much easier for trading organizations across the planet. By offering a myriad of services and providing its members a choice to choose from millions of products, ECplaza is certainly one of the most accomplished b2b platforms in the world. 

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Lastly, Made-in-China is one of the most top-notch b2b platforms in the world. Just because it is listed in the end, does not make it any less important than the rest of the names in the list. MadeInChina is an extremely successful and one of the biggest names in the global b2b industry. They have millions of members across the globe and this virtual marketplace offers one of the best user experiences to its users and members. 

With their highly user-friendly platform and well-thought-out technology, every member and visitor on this platform has quite an easy time in finding the products they are looking for. Furthermore, they not only offer a wide range of products to its visitors and users but in fact, their extremely affordable and unmatched prices are one of the main attributes, which have attracted millions of users to this amazing b2b platform from all the world. 


Benefits of B2B websites

Apart from helping in giving visibility, these websites are also used for getting in touch with key decision makers in a business to get in touch with new customer bases. By choosing a good website, you can reach out to your target audience. You can ensure that your website is available in a variety of languages to ensure global reach.

Here are some of the top benefits of b2b websites for your businesses:

Increased Access

Since a b2b website is a virtual marketplace, which is designed to offer buyers and sellers, across the globe an access to other trading organizations, you can easily get an increased access to other trading organizations and grow your business. With millions of buyers and sellers in your reach, your business organization can have more trading opportunities and chances to grow and expand your businesses.

Time Saving

B2B websites have enabled businesses to decrease a tremendous amount of the effort that's required to conduct business with buyers. Instead of contacting several companies, all of whom you may not have a relationship with, you're able to book them with just a single call or email. Even if the company isn't interested in selling to you, it's likely to take the call or visit in the first place. B2B websites are efficient, without sacrificing any type of customer service.


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Free Marketing

With the exception of buying a print ad, most companies wouldn't consider marketing their products or services without marketing dollars, so the popularity of a B2B website has grown in recent years. Although the primary focus for B2B website marketing is sales, it can also help attract prospective customers and build your brand's online presence.

24/7 Customer Services

Most small b2b businesses fail to provide good customer services to their buyers as it requires them to incur a high cost in most cases. However, when you are using a specialized b2b website, then it can help you with the queries that your buyers have by offering them transparent and complete information. This allows you, small b2b businesses to concentrate on their businesses and focus on trading instead of other operations of their business. 




SeeBiz is an emerging B2B wholesale marketplace and business networking platform that connects manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.
If you have an import or export business and want to source products, SeeBiz is probably the best option.
It covers 10 major industries including food, apparel, health & beauty, art, electronics, health, etc.
Each industry has numerous categories and subcategories, which can be explored to locate specific products.

Furthermore, it features over 650,000 products from 1000+ verified vendors which means you have all types of products on a single platform.
Since it is a wholesale platform, you can buy in bulk at affordable rates by negotiating with the vendors.
All you have to do is sign up for free, search for products, contact their vendors, negotiate the price, and you are good to go!

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