How to find a qualified Chinese freight forwarder?

China, often referred to as the "factory of the world," is inseparable from world trade, accounting for 15% of world GDP as of 2017, surpassing the United States alone. International cargo movement is required when importing Chinese products, and you will definitely trade with forwarders. According to unconfirmed statistics, more than 10,000 forwarders are registered in Shanghai alone. The total number of China is considered to be even more astronomical. Chinese aircraft carriers also have a bad reputation as they continue to commit fraud and other illegal activities that affect many of the legitimate Chinese aircraft carriers.

Moreover it is difficult to find a Chinese forwarder, notably because of the language barrier.

Then you can never control the reliability and quality of your forwarder. That's why it's best for you to work with DocShipper.

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Bill Lading complete guide


Are you a beginner in worldwide exchange and when you make your first exchange, the word Bill of Landing doesn't appear to be recognizable to you? Relax, we will feature the attributes of this renowned record, since in the business world, the Bill Of Lading (BoL or B/L) is one of the primary reports used to do ship exchanges via ocean, air or street.


The Bill of Lading is an document given by a carrier to a shipper, affirming that the merchandise have been gotten in an acceptable condition and are prepared for shipment. These merchandise will then, at that point be conveyed by the transporter to a recipient. At long last, the Bill of Lading is an agreement of carriage between the transporter, the proctor and the transporter setting out the states of carriage. In this article we will introduce you with this document so you can get what it is and how to react.

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